Marion Souyoultzis’ Passing

Marion Souyoultzis’ Passing

It is with great sadness that I inform you of Marion’s passing.  Marion passed away on April 6th, 2010. She was 61.


She was a dear friend, a beloved teacher, a supportive colleague and a companion for the mission of Ohlone Herbal Center. We all will deeply miss the presence of her generous open-hearted soul as well as her continuous dedication to learning more, understanding all aspects of health and healing and the passion she brought to her teaching.

In addition to being a member of our community, she was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She is greatly loved and will be deeply missed.


Marion’s official death notice can be found here

We will keep you informed as we learn of memorial services.




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  1. beverly meyer says:

    Marion was an open, accepting, wise and kind soul. She was so compassionate but had a “naughty” & fun side to her as well. We met in Sept 1966, 44 years ago- the first day of college and we remained friends since that time. One of the best things I ever did in my life was to introduce her to my cousin, Zafiris, in summer of 1970 when we were living in Athens. Little did I know it would be a romance of romances, I thought it would be a disco partner for the night!! Marion & Zafiris fit together in a beautiful way, & and I am so glad she touched my life in so many ways. No doubt her spirit will float amongst us watching and caring as she did in life. May she rest in peace.

  2. Dixie Pauline says:

    Marion was and continues to be PURE LOVE! I’m honored to have such a dear friend.

  3. Sidne and LIsa Long says:

    My sister LIsa and I were first cousins to Marion and we were very sad to learn of her sudden death. She reminded us of our shared grandmother, Alice Long; strong in spirit and generous in heart. We knew she was a loving mother and her family was most im0portant to her. We knew Marion to be a talented cook and musician but were unaware of her loving dedication to Ohlone Herbal Center. No doubt she will leave a vacancy in your hearts but she will leave on through your own acts and spirits.

    In loving memory of Marion,

    Sidne and LIsa Long-Laird

  4. “Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.”
    ~Kahlil Gibran

    let us,
    her students
    and all she touched,
    be marion’s seeds

  5. Anne Wolcott Kinsey says:

    I am heart sick to hear of Marion’s death. Too soon, too soon. She was a dear lady with great bravado and a love of life. I met her as Scripps College, as did Beverly Brown Meyer. I can still hear her calling through the dorm after her (illicit) cat, “Antonio, venga!!” She was a light that was quenched too soon. Perhaps I should just say, “she is.”

  6. Laurence herr says:

    Marion…a fellow adventurer….passed this way…

    Hey Marion! …..catch you on the next one….

  7. Jessica Dorrington says:

    I miss my mom so much. I know that this pain I’m feeling now is only a direct result of how much love and joy we had together. She is a beautiful soul and will forever be in my heart. I love you so much Mama, thank you for all your love and everything you taught me.

  8. Zafiris Souyoultzis says:

    Only silence now..I have to learn what it is to live alone..but my heart would always be full of her love, her beauty, her sweetness, and most of all her incredible softness..she touched my life for fourty years, and made it richer , and brighter..till we meet again my love..after all we both knew that we where following each other from lifetime to lifetime..I am missing you so so much..

  9. Zafiris and Jess, I am sending you both big prayers for comfort in this time of terrible loss.

    I knew Marion because we were co-teachers at the Ohlone Center. She was always kind, patient and loving in all of our interactions. Marion did so much work behind the scenes and was an indispensable help to us all. When I look back, I realize that she was truly a person who gave unconditionally. And she gave in so many ways: she shared her home, her garden, her plants, her incredible food, her knowledge, and her passion for herbal medicine.

    Her dedication to this school and to her herbal craft was an inspiration to us all. Whenever we spoke, she would share the latest thing she had learned with the bright-eyed excitement of a child.

    Marion was a bright light and we will miss her greatly. I will hold her memory in my heart.

  10. Anna Kazanjian says:

    I’ll remember Marion for her great sense of humor, her quiet power, her love of plants and all life, her incredible love for her family and friends and animals, her brilliant, analytical mind and her loving, caring connection she had with people. I didn’t realize what a good friend she was until I felt the deep loss and grief I’m experiencing. I send all my love to Zafiris and Jess (and Paul). I’ll truly miss our endless phone conversations about the latest discoveries we each had made about plants, their chemistry and the amazing connectedness of all life ~ To a dear friend

  11. Lily says:

    I remember Marion as a dedicated teacher, always so prepared. She was always early to class, and I learned with great astonishment how far she traveled to come and teach us.

    She was a valuable resource and a loving patient person who truly loved what she was doing- that was obvious.

    Great sympathy to her husband and daughter at this time of loss. She will be missed.

  12. Jeanne and Ronnie says:

    Dear Family,

    Your wife, your mother, was also our very dear friend and mentor. She was a friend when we were friendless, she was our anchor in the community when we were anchorless. She took us under her wing and handled us as babies even though we thought we were not. She took life’s most precious gift – time – and gave it to us freely. She was a true old soul with a healing nature and a loving touch. We will love her and cherish her memory forever. We will miss her every time we see the bedroom window open, the long chats and quick hellos, and every time we pick a flower. We love you, Marion, and we’ll never forget your love and healing touch. Thank you.
    We so appreciate the time you shared with us, and we look forward to seeing your sweet smile again. The serenity and peace of your smile remains to warm our hearts forever. Thank you so much for leaving a part of yourself in your daughter and son for us to enjoy and to cherish. You needn’t worry about Zafiri – as long as we breathe on this earth, your beloved and loving husband will have an extended family in us.
    Until we meet again…our loving friend.

  13. Blythe Adams says:

    Marion, dear Marion.
    What a support you have been to me. Sharing knowledge…letting me pester you again and again on the finer art of oil making, so that you get the most out of it and it won’t go bad. Sharing the beautiful bounty from your gardens. Sitting in your living room discussing life as we know it. Your calm presence… being a surrogate mother upon occasion. Teaching me how to cut plants properly…Watching you prep and cure gallons of olives…Quietly going about your way, helping out where you thought you could. Your passion for learning was inspiring. May you be at peace dear Marion. You will be missed in more ways than I can even conceive of. The good news is that I know that you are watching out for all of us, still steadfast, patient and loving…

  14. Bonnie Halpern says:

    How do you say good-bye to your best friend?

    I had the remarkably good fortune to be assigned as Marion’s roommate during our Junior Year Abroad in Paris. A 42-year friendship ensued despite our location on different coasts.. We were like sisters. I always thought of Marion as being as close to a perfect person as anyone could be. Her heart, her soul, her love for her family, friends, students, mankind , generosity, intelligence… we could all go “on and on”. Her spirit lives on in her family, friends, colleagues, students – everyone whose life was touched by her. THere is a hole in my heart as big as a mountain. I don’t have to say good-bye though. She lives within all of us.

  15. Sarah Hernandez says:

    Marion was a second mother to me since I was very young, when Jessica and I became friends in the 2nd grade. Over the years, I received the blessings of Marion’s nourishing love, wisdom, and cooking (“the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”). One particularly distinct and lovely memory is of Jessica and her mom singing “Dona Dona” in the car as we drove through Greece. I love all of you Souyoultzis and Dorrington folks. Being a part of your family has always been special. My thoughts are with you.

  16. Mary Cranley says:

    As I read the posts, I see how much more of Marion I would love to have gotten to know! A musician and world traveller, these things I did not know about her thirsty soul.
    I so valued her knowledge of essential oils contributing to my education at the Ohlone Center and loved hearing her suggestions in different ways to use them as I discussed my clients with her. I appreciated receiving advice from her and learning the different ways she used plants.
    She said not long ago that she likes to use all different herbs, constantly learning new ways to incorporate different plants into herbal medicine.
    Marion was such a sweet woman, very gentle and compassionate. Thank you, Marion, for being present in my life.

  17. Pam Fischer says:

    It has been two weeks since Marion’s passing and the reality is just settling in. Marion is woven into the fabric here at Ohlone Herbal Center.

    She was a foundational brick. Marion served as an officer on our board of directors, headed up the curriculum committee, supplied rare plants from her garden and taught beginning to advanced classes. She was committed to bringing Herbal Medicine to people in need. Through various efforts both inside and outside of Ohlone Herbal Center, Marion directly and indirectly helped to supply and run multiple Western herbal clinics around the Bay Area including Charlotte Maxwell Clinic’s in San Francisco and Oakland. Marion’s work also helped to establish herb dispensary at the Street Level Clinic in Oakland. Our next goal was design a program and teaching clinic to work with various health issues of the senior population, Marion was excited about this endeavor and consumed books and research on the topic.

    Monday morning before Marion’s passing she had expressed with enthusiasm a new book from Simon Mills, on Herbal/Drug interactions. She was already formulating a class outline on this topic. When she showed me the book, less than a 72 hours old, it
    was dog-eared and highlighted!

    On Tuesday morning Marion had cancelled a massage appointment because of a slight fever. She was found sometime later, on the couch, peaceful with her Simon Mills book opened next to her. Marion left doing what she loved. We could all hope for such a passing.

    I am fortunate to have known Marion. I will miss her. When her heart became too big for the body to hold, it exploded into a million pieces of fairy dust fertilizing the seeds of love that she planted in me and each person she touched.

  18. Wanda Tsafos says:

    Only today was I able to seek out Marion’s obituaries and tributes. Every morning as I take my “potion”, of course, she’s there. She was imbued with her love of herbs, and I recently bought Chevallier’s encyclopedia, because her love rubbed off.

    Andreas went to stay with M and Z when he first emigrated from Greece, in 1977.
    Marion and Andreas forever argued about exactly how long he had lived with them before he moved to the City. It seemed like a long time to Marion!

    Marion has been a constant presence in my life since 1978, three years before Andreas and I married. Once her friend, always her friend. Years ago,she drove many times to San Jose to visit me during a hideous and interminable time when I was confined to bed. She was one of my most regular visitors, bringing books and sometimes flowers, but always books. When I needed someone most, she was there. She was so thoughtful, a loyal, supportive, loving friend, and I’ve lost someone precious in my life, who will always be missed.

  19. Joolie Geldner says:

    I was only blessed with knowing Marion for a short time but i will always picture her in front of the classroom, looking over her glasses and telling us about her next experiment with different extractions she made from her beautiful gardens. I only had one chance to visit her beautiful home but will always have her memory live on in the Motherwort, Elecampagne, and Clary Sage plants living in MY garden that she gave me.

  20. Doug Krotz says:

    I knew this sweet and lovely person as a child, always full of questions, energy and enthusiasm. From the comments that precede mine it is obvious that these attributes followed throughout her life. She shall be in my prayers and those of my family.

  21. Jessica Dorrington says:

    Missing you so much mom! Your birthday is coming up! Happy Birthday! Dad and I are celebrating by doing some fine dining. We will be having a toast to you. Love you.

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  23. So grateful for the double-extracted echinacea from your garden dear one. Good medicine. Still whenever I think of you, my heart opens. For this is the kind of soul you are Marion. Love always.

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