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Alina Smith

Raised on the shores of Lake Erie, I have been strongly influenced by the images of urban decay which abound in the Rust Belt. The beauty and gentle tenacity of little green plants poking through brick and concrete are beautifully symbolic of the dreams I have for myself, and for our society. A return to green, a return to life. The promise that there are no true ruins in this world.
My parents instilled in me a curiosity about the world and a respect for all living things. I watched our neighbor…

Caitlin Covington

I believe in empowering people to heal themselves by encouraging individuals to
take an active role in their healing process. Often, this includes evaluating changes that
may need to be made physically, mentally, and emotionally. I believe that an individual
working toward health and harmony is in turn healing a part of their community, and thus
providing a large-scale remedy to better our planet. The Earth is changing in radical
ways, and with that, our definition of medicine is also …

Tina Simeon

untitledAs a Mexican-American, Tina’s cultural roots in the use of medicinal plants run deep. She grew up with the smell of Yerba Buena steeping in the kitchen, and other medicinal plants in the garden like comfrey, corn silk and horsetail (cola de caballo). Tina was born and raised in Oakland, California, and recognized a need for social support in the Latino community. She worked for many years as a bilingual social worker and clinic administrator at a community health center in the …

Mai Lovaas

P1020206Mai is a native of Norway and grew up hiking in the mountains and picking mushrooms, berries and fruit from the abundant nature of the north. This is still a passion for her, and she can frequently be found foraging in the forests and coastlines of California looking for medicinal edibles. “Food as medicine” is her motto, and she loves infusing healthy and delicious food with healing herbs to create nourishing and healing meals.

This fusion of cuisine and healing herbs devel…

Elizabeth Migliorelli

The first time I came to California I was under the spell of the scent of the Eucalyptus along the coast. I hail from the brown deciduous woods of New York and the Evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest, and the sweet, stirring smell of Eucalyptus was something I had never experienced before. Although I love my trees from my various homes, the eucalyptus was something that was so intoxicating, so bewitching to my spirit, that I knew I would have to spend some time getting to know this area o…

Syslee Schael

An explorer and creator from an early age, Syslee was born into a family of artists; her
mother a basket weaver, her grand father a painter. This creative energy led Syslee to find
her own art through nature. Growing up in rural Southern Oregon she spent her childhood
at her mother’s side roaming the riversides and seashores collecting dogwood, willow,
and sea kelp used to make furniture and baskets. Early on Syslee felt at home in this

A passion for cooking and wild foods le…

Cole Lea

Cole Lea grew up in a large working class family with her bare feet both on the rolling green hills of Pittsburgh and the Appalachian trail in south central Pennsylvania. She comes from a long line of troublemakers and storytellers! She fell in love with water, words, weeds, mountains, mud, and music at a very young age. She has worked in the environmental movement since 2001 training countless agitators and community organizers fighting for environmental justice and the human right to …

Kathryn McCabe

Kathryn McCabe is a Western Clinical Herbalist living and practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area.


She started out heading towards a Physical Therapy degree, wanting to heal people through exercise, massage and movement. After graduating with a Degree in Kinesiology, the study of human movement, she worked in the Physical Therapy field with people with sports and orthopedic injuries and then with children with disabilities. Over the years she felt that just treating the mus…

Elizabeth Ready

24A San Francisco native, Elizabeth grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean and easily fell in love with nature. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara. Tired and weary of politics, profit-before-people, and bandage solutions, she turned to holistic methods to make dramatic shifts in her own health. She believes that each person is a unique individual with unique needs. Elizabeth’s goal is to make her…

Kerry Hughes

Kerry Hughes, M.Sc., is an Herbalist and Ethnobotanist who has long-worked in deepening the relationship between plants and people. She believes plants hold specific medicinal, nutritional and spiritual properties that we crave in order to create a life for ourselves that is worth living. It is from this philosophy she builds an herbal practice.

Kerry has spent the past couple decades studying the multiple uses of plants, and in this time has authored several books: The Incense Bi

Katie Boynton

Katie grew up in a small coastal town of 2,200 in Maine and spent the first 18 years of her life falling in love with the rocky coast and marveling at the transformations of the four seasons. She obtained her B.S. in Plant Sciences at the University of Connecticut after becoming discouraged by her pharmacy studies; she wanted to help people, not aid in the market of blind pill-pushing. After graduating, a spontaneous move across the country to California ensued, landing her in the Bay Area. …