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Leslie Schickel

388405_10151518376447556_2038661800_nLeslie, aka Moonweaver, is the youngest of five daughters of her parents, Lou and Lenore Schickel who are of German and Irish decent. Her parentsʼ were born and met in New York. It was Leslieʼs fathers work that moved the family to the American South, which is where Leslie was born, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Leslieʼs earliest connection to herbal medicine she traces back to her mother taking pride in teaching her to identify all of the flowers, trees and herbs in the vicinity…

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application 2016

Julie Benefico

Julie herbal photoJulie has always wanted to help people and support them in any way possible. She stumbled into the world of herbs while studying the ancient art of alchemy. Alchemy is a mystical practice of transformation through learning about oneself. In this study she realized that herbs were a natural way to heal the body, mind, and soul, which inspired her to learn how to aid people with plants. Julie read books and took workshops on the subject for a few years until doing the Herbal Appre…

Jared Marchildon

Jared is a scholar, traveler, thinker, storyteller, filmmaker, handyman, mover, meditator, chef, herbalist, husband, world citizen.

Jared’s journey in life has been a wave of expansion and contraction (out of and) into new ideas, cultures and ways of being. He grew up among the butterfly weeds, sagebrush and wild asparagus on an sweeping high mountain desert valley in southern Colorado {within a NarrowMindedReligiousOrder}. After asking some fundamental que…

Elizabeth Howe

IMG_4411Elizabeth Howe is from Berkeley, California and has long been fascinated by all of the ways in which people and plants work together. This led her to the University of Kent in the United Kingdom in 2007, where she received a Masters of Science in Ethnobotany. Her studies focused on the importance of biological and cultural diversity as the foundation of resilient ecosystems, communities and individuals. Resilience is the ability for something to bounce back – in the case of people, re…

Rachel Lazansky-Weast

photo for clinicAs a child, Rachel was happiest playing in the mud in her grandmother’s garden. When she grew older, her grandmother taught her how to make herbal extracts from the medicinal plants she grew. This was the beginning of Rachel’s interest in herbal medicine. In her adolescence, Rachel became aware of the enormous suffering and injustice in the world. She felt the pain of the world deeply. She was eventually diagnosed with depression and anorexia and was prescribed antidepressant med…

Marissa Speer

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.49.55 PMMarissa has been studying holistic health for many years. Her formal education of holistic health began with a minor in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University, and the attendance of many local workshops with practicing herbalists.

 After spending years in the classroom, she immersed herself in the world of herbal medicine on a 40-acre land project in the Appalachian Mountains.  Here she worked as an herbal apprentice on the homestead that runs Medicine County Herbs a…

Lisa-Marie Maryott

unnamedLisa-Marie Maryott has spent her entire adult life making things work better. As a successful information technology and business executive, she was often tasked with evaluating and enhancing organizational processes, systems, and structures to ensure optimal performance and health of the organization. As she took on more and more, the stress of the workplace and raising a family began to take its toll on her physical, mental and emotional health.

When Lisa-Marie realized the imp

Max Mulitz

6232_3872409973236_1592228955_nMax loves to be a healing force in people’s lives.

He has devoted his work to the practice of western herbalism and has a focused interest in the treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity “Disorder”. He takes a strong stance on this matter as he has gone through the entire process of being diagnosed and treated as someone with a “disorder” at a young age and consequently realized the emotional and physiological damage such a diagnosis can cause.

Max started developing an i…

Ella Gluckman


I come from Pennsylvania, of Ashkenazi heritage. My ancestors and immediate family have involved themselves in medicine and food for generations. As a child I was called to medicine, to healing. I was also called to art, and felt that I had to choose one or the other: medicine or art. I was a dreamer; I loved diving into the fantasy of words, or hanging outside with trees in my backyard. In my hours deeply exploring alone in my room or my backyard I would make believe that I lived in a place where c…

Dan Walsh

Dan-best-5113--smI am an avid outdoor enthusiast who has made health, fitness, nutrition and herbology my life work. While my interest in health and nutrition began at a young age, it wasn’t until I overcame my own severe health challenges in my thirties that I realized its full healing potential.  Fifty pounds overweight and dependent on many pharmaceuticals, my health spiraled downward culminating in me having “many diagnosis” as my doctor put it. After nine years of hell, I turned my …

Press: Bay Area Business Women

BABW Alternative Medicine article 1

BABW Alternative Medicine article 2…

Sarah Jane Fairless


Growing up on the dusty farms of Oklahoma, my love of plants started early on in life. I have been working with various healing modalities for over a decade including: herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, and a variety of natural whole foods based diets such as paleo, vegetarian/vegan, raw and sprouted foods, fermentations, and macrobiotics. I have received extensive training as an herbalist (over 1,000 hours) and I am a certified clinical western herbalist through the Ohlone C…

Kelsey Barrett

KelseyOjaiKelsey’s clinical herbal practice combines her philosophy of  simplicity and client empowerment towards optimal health as goal.   She holistically engages her practice through harvesting and crafting sustainable plant medicine, offering client centered sessions and formulating medicine based on individuals needs.   She believes embracing plants as part of our larger community gives us greater opportunity to reconnect in meaningful ways.

Kelsey’s connection to com

FAQ – Nutritional Counseling Course & Certification

Have questions about our upcoming Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course or the Certification?  We’ve got answers!


Q: Who is the Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course designed for?

A: This is not a basic nutrition course – it takes what you’ve already learned in your practitioner certification program to the next level, and assumes that you are coming with some foundational knowledge already.  These classes go beyond basic nutrition and are specif…

Good Manufactoring Practices

Join us on December 4th for an evening with Roy Upton, who will cover everything you need to know and answer your questions about the new FDA regulations about Good Manufactuing Practices for Herbal Medicines.

As herbalism continues to grow and become more popular, herbalists increasingly find themselves under the scrutiny of governing agencies, such as the FDA. Find out how to do what you love legally and safely.

This class is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to sell or dispense any …