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Sarah Jane Fairless

IMG_0097Sarah Jane Fairless grew up with wide open skies, farms, racehorses, pickup trucks, pow-wows, and grass fed beef in the red dirt state of Oklahoma. Her love of plants began while laying in that tall grass, hunting for the largest watermelon in the field, plucking okra from their hairy stalks, and shucking corn on the back of a wagon with her grandpa as the sun went down. The search for what lay beyond that horizon brought her to San Francisco at an early age providing a well-rounded insight in…

Stephanie Phillips

1208590_10101106417793649_637637237_nSteph was born in London to parents who taught her to find happiness and peace in good food and long walks. She discovered alternative medicine at Oxford University where she studied Biology and Anthropology. Where these two disciplines crossed over, she discovered that the non-Western world had a very different system of healing based on balance and the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself.  She began a career in public health that took her to Malaysia and then to the Worl…

Trinh Nguyen

photoTrinh could never hide her admiration for the natural world. As a child she spent her days in the forests of Massachusetts, building forts and running wild among the trees. As she grew she also recognized an interested in her for science. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” she would answer, “I want to be a doctor.” However, it was not long before Trinh realized being a doctor, as traditionally defined, was not really her dream. In high school she discovered her pass…

Jenny Marx


My love of “all things outdoors” began at an early age, growing up in the rolling hills and forests of upstate New York. Thanks to my parents, most of my life was spent running through the grass, climbing in the trees, gardening alongside my mother, playing in the snow with my brother, and camping with my father and family. This love of nature eventually led me to Colorado to pursue a degree in Biology, the study of all living things. There, I learned a deep respect for life, community and e…

Kelsey Barrett

photoKelsey’s connection to community health arose while crafting legislation with New York City Council’s “Committee on Women Issues”.  Cooperatively working with councilwomen to pass New York City’s first legislation for women of color with HIV instilled in her the possibility of large-scale health care change.

Kelsey’s approach to health transformed on a pilgrimage to France where she studied with the herbalist and scholar Matthew Wood and flower essence mast

Clinic Flyer Spanish


Amara Pfahl

AmaraAmara grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills hiking, horse back riding, gardening, and tending young children and animals. Since a very young age she aspired to become a doctor. While finishing just a year studying at Brandeis University, stress and the Boston climate exacerbated a long term struggle with Lyme’s Disease necessitating a medical leave. After a decade of tests and unsuccessful treatments, frustration with the allopathic medical system lead Amara to try herbal m…

FAQ – Nutritional Counseling Course & Certification

Have questions about our upcoming Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course or the Certification?  We’ve got answers!


Q: Who is the Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course designed for?

A: This is not a basic nutrition course – it takes what you’ve already learned in your practitioner certification program to the next level, and assumes that you are coming with some foundational knowledge already.  These classes go beyond basic nutrition and are specif…

Good Manufactoring Practices

Join us on December 4th for an evening with Roy Upton, who will cover everything you need to know and answer your questions about the new FDA regulations about Good Manufactuing Practices for Herbal Medicines.

As herbalism continues to grow and become more popular, herbalists increasingly find themselves under the scrutiny of governing agencies, such as the FDA. Find out how to do what you love legally and safely.

This class is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to sell or dispense any …

Directions to Lakes Basin

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Riyana Rebecca Sang

Riyana Rebecca Sang has been a plant lover and gardener for her entire life, and can often be found where the green ones are — wandering the hills, in the forest, or just the local nursery.  She came to her work as a healer first as a doula and then a massage therapist, and has finally found her calling as an herbalist.   She enjoys incorporating plant medicine, food medicine, and spirit medicine into her work and believes that by reconnecting to the power of using herbs and food to heal …

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