Herbs for Women – SF

Herbs for Women – SF

May 4th: Menses, PMS & Women's Health

May 11th: Pregnancy & Childbirth

May 18th: Menopause & the Wisdom Years

An intensive class focusing on a woman’s life from puberty through menopause. In different phases of life women are challenged with a variety of discomforts and diseases. Women have unique issues to contend with, from menstrual irregularity to PMS, pregnancy, and childbirth to menopause. In this class, we will explain herbal strate- gies that can help with each phase of life. We will also make medi- cine for tonifying the reproductive system, improving fertility, and dealing with common menstrual and menopausal issues.

with Madeleina Bolduc
Cost: $150, or $60 per class

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