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Herbal Foundations Class – San Francisco

Gain an in-depth understanding of the complex functions and healing nature of more than 150 local plants through theoretical learning, herb gathering and sampling, and medicine making in this 300-hour program. A portion of class time is spent hands on, in nature, with extended trips to local environments such as the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean. This is what distinguishes American herbalism—you learn about the plants in your own body, mind and spirit. You will create your own medicines during every class meeting, learning how to make extracts from multiple solutions, as well as creams and lotions, salves, teas, syrups, honey, oils, vinegars, and suppositories.

This year also involves an in-depth investigation of human physiology to understand the complex interactions among reproductive, endocrine, nervous, skin, muscular, skeletal and digestive systems. Constitutional physiology and the impact of stress are also emphasized. Students examine the cellular system and how fluid is transported throughout the body.

  • The following is a partial list of what the program will cover:
  • Medicinal herbology
  • Herbal preparation and formulation
  • Extensive materia medica and herbal research
  • Herbal first aid and home health care
  • Natural cosmetic and skin care
  • Constitutional therapy
  • Botanical field study
  • Earth awareness and plant identification
  • Organ systems and physiology
  • Clinical case studies

On the first Sunday of each month there will be an herb walk, with exception to Winter months. There will also be three class field trips of botanical field study.  At the conclusion of the course, students will have a firm and well rounded foundation in herbalism. Students completing the course will be awarded a beautiful certificate suitable for framing and placement on their office wall.

 San Francisco Class is held at Scarlet Sage Herb Co.

To apply: Please submit your application by email or physical mail and place your non-refundable deposit.


Additional Cost: Tuition includes all instructional time.   Additional cost to students include travel and food for four wild crafting trips,  and text books.  Depending on how thrifty you choose to be, students can expect the additional cost to be  anywhere from $600-900.

Deposit Policy:  To secure your space in the program, a non-refundable deposit is required.  Full payment of entire tuition is required by the first class.  If for any reason the Ohlone Center is not able to guarantee you a space in the program, your deposit will be refunded promptly.

Refund policy:  Refunds less the non-refundable deposit are given if students drop within 30 days of first class.  There are no refunds on tuition payments after this time even if the student is no longer in attendance.

Applications and deposits due September 1st to ensure registration for the 2015-2016 school year.

Taught by Ohlone Center Staff

Tuesday Evenings

September 13, 2016—June 27, 2017

7:15-10:15 pm

Class also meets most first Sunday of the month, 10am-4pm, plus three weekend field trips.

This class is not available for payment plans or work trade.

from $1,100.00

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