Cole Lea

Cole Lea

Cole Lea grew up in a large working class family with her bare feet both on the rolling green hills of Pittsburgh and the Appalachian trail in south central Pennsylvania. She comes from a long line of troublemakers and storytellers! She fell in love with water, words, weeds, mountains, mud, and music at a very young age. She has worked in the environmental movement since 2001 training countless agitators and community organizers fighting for environmental justice and the human right to water.


Cole started seriously studying plants in 2003. She has helped hundreds of women learn about and use plant medicine at festivals across the country. In 2008 during her Saturn return she moved thousands of miles to the Bay Area and began studying at the Ohlone Center in 2009.


She is excited about helping people take their health and wellness into their own hands and hearts. She is passionate about working with what she feels are herbally underserved populations of lesbians, queer women and lgbt youth as well as people living with experiences typically diagnosed or labeled as psychiatric conditions.


In her spare time you will find her camping, visiting with friendly plants or people, writing poems, listening to live music, hiking, or staring at the moon.