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If leaving a message, be sure to give your contact information and a preferred appointment time. Sessions are held in Suite G.


Mondays, 10:00 am–6:00 pm

First Saturday of the month, 9:00 am–5:00 pm.

Clinic Cost

Our suggested donation is $30 per visit. Additionally, clients are expected to pay for their herbal remedies at the time of their visit. Clients should budget between $30–$60 per month for products.


We offer wellness  consultations and educational services, an excellent opportunity to learn about health and receive herbal and nutritional advice. An advanced student intern, working under a senior staff member, will help you to restore good health and prevent disease. Your initial appointment will be approximately 2 hours, after which we will schedule a second shorter visit the following week, and then continue monthly. Interns work closely with clients for a number of months to ensure success. The Ohlone Center has been operating a student clinic for over 10 years and is open to all. The herbal extracts we disburse are made on site from high quality, organic ingredients and are offered at wholesale prices. Ohlone Herbal center is not funded by governmental grants. Though our budget is small, the student clinic is expensive to run. We depend on the generosity of our community to keep the clinic in existence. Your donations are always welcome and go a long way in keeping these services available to the whole community.


Whitney Staeb

From a young age, Whitney felt called to better understand the connection between human beings and the natural world. It was during her teenage years that she found herself actively studying plants and our food system and saw the potential for those to either be a person’s greatest medicine or poison. During her time in college she delved deeper into this work while employed at a local organic grocer and herbal apothecary. It was during this time the seed that had been planted was nurtured and allowed to bloom into dedicating herself to western herbalism and holistic health. Whitney believes in an accessible and affordable form of healthcare that focuses on a holistic view of the person and their individual needs. She sees the power and importance in people coming to realize the healer within themselves and their body’s innate wisdom to reach optimal health. Whitney is currently the production manager at Homestead Apothecary and is a trained birth doula.

Rylan Sían

Rylan grew up in the rural Carolina swamp land surrounded by strong Southern women. He went to school for communication, psychology, and medicine in both Virginia and California, always searching for ways he could best serve his community. He spent a decade working in patient advocacy and healthcare management, a skillset he carries into his practice today alongside an ancestral gift for medicine. He has ongoing commitment to creating safe spaces and bringing healing to LGBTQ gamer communities, which he has done for most of his adult life. Rylan is also a lifelong practitioner of indigenous Celtic spirituality, and finds great balance linking this more esoteric lens with his well-rooted scientific background. He is always seeking to create relationships between people and the deep healing that can be found in nature while navigating the complex and conventional world we live in.

Dana Aronson

Dana was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, where the ocean meets the mountains. Her calling to the healing power of plants started when she watched her father slowly become engulfed and dis-empowered by the western medical system. Her passion eventually landed her in Oakland where she began her studies in plant medicine and furthered her studies in American Sign Language. Her practice is based around offering support to empower others to take back their health and to be able to assist in the healing process of all aspects of the physical body, the mind, and the spirit. She strives to have a collaborative interaction where healing can express itself in all facets and have people walk away eager to explore plants and integrate them into their daily practices.

Heidi Lopez

Heidi grew up under the watch of the majestic saguaros and fragrant creosote of the deserts of Arizona, then transplanted to the Bay Area to study philosophy at UC Berkeley. Her inquiry into the big questions lead her to bike throughout this country, explore abroad, and spend a lot of time coming home in the wilderness of the western US. She sprouted her roots in the Bay Area amongst the mighty redwoods, bays and oaks, spending the last 30 years connecting with this beautiful piece of earth and the incredibly diverse community of people that live here. She gave birth to her four children at home and has been devoted full time to nurturing them while continuing to develop her lifelong passion for dance, and quest for understanding of our relationship to the greater whole of life and how we might find balance within it. It was her understanding of our kinship to all life on earth, this sense that we are all in this together, that lead her to develop her intimacy with plants and explore how they nurture and heal us. She is also learning up close, through family members challenged with autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis and eczema), that true healing is a multifaceted journey, never an end, engaging every aspect of ourselves and how we relate to the world.

Blair Townley

Blair completed her herbalist apprenticeship at Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, CA. Residing in Hawaii for the last 6 years, Blair studied permaculture and regenerative agriculture, receiving her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2012. Her day job has been working in the visitor advertising industry. She also started a sassy surf and sailing island-lifestyle apparel brand called Get Salty, that continues to thrive. Growing up with the clover and acorns of the East Coast, Blair was at home amongst the creeks and forests of North Carolina. She is passionate about using good quality food, self-care rituals, plants, and spiritual practices to unravel the puzzle of dis-ease. She is a melanoma survivor, with personal experience with digestive issues, anxiety, and skin issues. She is particularly interested in utilizing biohacking techniques (upgrading your environment and habits to support your body on a cellular, energetic and mental level) to optimize health. Her favorite place in the world is in Europe, specifically the south of France and one day hopes to live part time there. She has always had an affinity for plants, nature, chemistry, and magic, and realized that herbalism was the perfect path for her. She looks forward to delving into your health goals and being a partner in your objectives.

Cherise Atkinson

Cherise Atkinson is a western herbalist, minimalist, gardener, cook, and dreamer. She believes true wellness comes through simplicity. As we include only the purest of our needs and release the unnecessary, we can sit in the beauty of balance and wholeness. Cherise started her own wellness journey as a busy hair stylist. An overpacked schedule, an aching body, and a chemical-filled environment brought her to take an active leap toward a healthier life. She found balance through herbal support, nourishing foods, self-care practices, simplifying her environment, and shifting her lifestyle to support her spirit. She was inspired through her personal journey, along with her knowledge of client care, to shift her focus from hair care to care of the whole self as an herbalist.

Anna Beauchemin

Anna comes to the field of herbalism with a background in biology and the culinary arts. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies from the University of California Berkeley, and worked as a biologist with native pollinators for 8 years before transitioning into herbalism. She values the exploration and study of the natural world and thrives in the space where the art and science of herbal medicine meet. She was born and raised in Martinez, California where the nostalgia of industrial America blends with the magic of the Alhambra hills to define the small-town community that she is a part of. She recently relocated back to the Bay Area from the green mountains of Vermont where she lived and worked as an artisan baker and land steward. The values of living locally, creative nutrition, and self-awareness embedded themselves into her philosophy and practice. Anna approaches her career in herbalism through the practice of nourishing the self to achieve whole health, and will encourage and support her clients to go inward to facilitate healing. She strives to meet her clients where they are, and hopes to empower them to do the same for themselves.


(510) 540-8050

If leaving a message, be sure to give your contact information and a preferred appointment time. Our clinic sessions are held in Suite G.


Thursdays: 4:00 pm–10:00 pm

Fridays: 12:00 pm–6:00 pm

Clinic Cost

$60–$80 for the first 2-hour session and $40–$60 (sliding scale) for follow-up sessions.

Tinctures are $12 per ounce; dried herbs are $4 per ounce.


Second-year clinicians are a group of clinical herbalists who have received extensive training and clinical experience at the Ohlone Herbal Center. Our practice is primarily centered on the use of herbal medicine for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We also include nutritional and lifestyle information in our sessions.


Lisa-Marie Maryott has spent her entire adult life making things work better. As a successful information technology and business executive, she was often tasked with evaluating and enhancing organizational processes, systems, and structures to ensure optimal performance and health of the organization. As she took on more and more, the stress of the workplace and raising a family began to take its toll on her physical, mental and emotional health.

Lisa-Marie Maryott

Faculty Clinic

Our faculty clinic provides expert holistic support in the transformation of disease through the use of plant medicine. Grounded in Western Clinical Herbalism, herbal consultations take an indepth view of lifestyle, diet, mental patterns and the daily activity that can impact systemic patterns of dysfunction. We believe each person has a unique pattern of stress, physiological response and presentation of disease. Using pulse, tongue, and comprehensive constitutional diagnosis, your practitioner will craft an individualized plant medicine formula tailored to your specific needs. Each of our faculty members are certified Western clinical herbal practitioners and have years of one-on-one clinical experience. Our practitioners are committed to creating collaborative goals of optimal health with each client, and move beyond disease symptoms into optimal vitality.

Clinic Cost

$185 for the first 1.5-hour session, and $100 for follow-up sessions. The medicines are $12 per ounce of tincture, and $4 per ounce of dried herb.


Our faculty clinic is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.


(510) 540-8050

If leaving a message, please provide your contact information and a preferred appointment time.

Our clinic sessions are held at the Ohlone Herbal Center, 1250 Addison Street, Suite G.

We look forward to joining you on your journey toward wellness.


Sarah Jane Fairless

Growing up on the dusty farms of Oklahoma, my love of plants started early in life. I have been working with various healing modalities for over a decade including herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, and a variety of natural whole foods-based diets such as paleo, vegetarian/vegan, raw and sprouted foods, fermentations, and macrobiotics. I have received extensive training as an herbalist (over 1,000 hours) and I am a certified Clinical Western Herbalist through the Ohlone Herbal Center.

Katherine Novotny

Katherine Novotny is an herbal educator/practitioner, an urban homesteader, and an artist. She believes in community-based healthcare and empowers students to pursue healing through backyard gardens, kitchen potions, and deepening their connection to their local forests and seasons. Novotny has an enchanting enthusiasm for plants and loves educating people about the inner workings of their body, while weaving stories of herbal folklore into her lectures. She is actively involved in a continuous mentorship with Dr. William Morris; learning and teaching TCM Pulse Diagnosis as a tool for advanced herbalists in a clinical setting.

Tina Simeon

As a Mexican-American, Tina’s cultural roots in the use of medicinal plants run deep. She grew up with the smell of Yerba Buena steeping in the kitchen, and other medicinal plants in the garden like comfrey, corn silk and horsetail (cola de caballo). Tina was born and raised in Oakland, California, and recognized a need for social support in the Latino community. She worked for many years as a bilingual social worker and clinic administrator at a community health center in the Fruitvale district of Oakland. After retiring in 2010, she returned to her herbal roots and began studying herbal medicine in earnest.

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