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Held at our new Pleasant Hill location, Ohlone East

Herbs for Women – A 4-part series

– taught by Ohlone Staff

Tuesdays, July 17th, 24th, 31st, and August 7th – 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

An intensive class focusing on a woman’s life from puberty through menopause. In different phases of life women are challenged with a variety of discomforts and diseases. Women have unique issues to contend with, from menstrual irregularity to PMS, pregnancy, and childbirth to menopause. In this class, we will explain herbal strategies that can help with each phase of life. We will discuss how to  make medicine for toning the reproductive system, improving fertility, and dealing with common menstrual and menopausal issues.

July 17th: Menses, PMS, and Women’s Health – Complete

July 24th: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

July 31st: Pregnancy and Childbirth

August 7th: Menopause and the Wisdom Years


Cost: $200.00 for all 4 classes or $60.00 each

Class will be held at Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center, 315 Cortsen Rd., Pleasant Hill, CA

Item Name:
Herbs for Women, All
200 USD
Item Name:
July 24, Reclaiming
60 USD
Item Name:
July 31, Pregnancy and Childbirth
60 USD
Item Name:
Aug 7, Menopause and Wisdom
60 USD

Introduction to Herbalism – A 4-part series

– taught by Patty Liu

Wednesdays, August 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd – 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, + 1 local herb walk on August 18th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

This class is for the beginner who wants to bring herbs into their everyday life. We will explore herbs through many avenues. Students will learn the theories of body systems and actions of herbs and their application to life circumstances. The proper preparation for herbal products will be taught. Students will prepare a number of herbal products including extracts in vinegar and alcohol; salves, syrups, teas, infusions, and bath products.  Wildcrafting ethics and field identification of common native medicinal herbs will be emphasized. This class includes an herb walk to local wild areas.

Cost: $485.00

Item Name:
Introduction to Herbalism 2
485 USD

Held at our Pleasant Hill location, Ohlone East 

The Turning Wheel – Practical Family Herbalism for the Seasons

– taught by Ohlone Center East Staff

Fall Module: Tuesdays, September 11–November 13, 2018 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (see below for winter, spring, and summer dates)

Join us for a year-long journey working with herbs to support you through each season of the solar cycle and the shifting chapters of your life. By aligning with the natural energetics of each season, you will learn to use herbs to address your family’s common health concerns, ease transitions, and understand how complementary modalities such as nutrition and cooking, gardening, aromatherapy, and spiritual tools can enrich your wholeness and well-being.

Classes will comprise lectures, discussions, and hands-on medicine making. Each seasonal module runs 9 to 10 weeks and is designed around school-based and commonly observed holidays. This allows for the full depth of your participation in the series while giving you the space you need to be with your families during these breaks. We encourage participants to engage in the full turning of the wheel by enrolling in the entire series. However, you may also enroll in the seasonal modules individually.

Turn One of the Wheel: Autumn (September 11–November 13, 2018)

Autumn is the time of harvest and associated with the mid-life phase of being. It is when we slow down to reap what we’ve sown and enjoy the fruits of summer as we prepare for winter’s inward energy. In this module, we will explore mid-life energetics and herbal applications for autumnal health, covering common concerns such as colds and flus, stress management, autoimmune and cardiovascular conditions, and mid-life reproductive and thyroid health. We will also learn tips for autumn gardening and the use of herbs in holiday cooking.

Turn Two of the Wheel: Winter (December 11, 2018–February 19, 2019)

Winter is the time for rest, relaxation, and inward reflection associated with the elder phase of life. Cold days and long nights encourage us to align with nature’s stillness. In this module, we will go back in time to understand the history of Western Herbalism and focus on herbs and lifestyle tools to support us in areas such as respiratory, musculoskeletal, and cognitive/brain health, menopause, and cancer. We will also look at winter nutrition and identify what we should be doing in the garden to prepare for spring.

Turn Three of the Wheel: Spring (March 12–May 21, 2019)

Spring is the time of year when things awaken, begin to grow, and are born anew. We see this in the first buds that come onto the trees, the first weeds that break the soil’s surface, and in animals birthing their young. It is no surprise that springtime is associated with birth and childhood. In this module, we will explore relevant topics such as pregnancy and childbirth, herbs for kids, detoxification and digestive health, allergies, and spring plantings in the garden. We may also likely find ourselves outside enjoying an herb walk!

Turn Four of the Wheel: Summer (June 18–August 20, 2019)

Summer is the time to play outside in long, sunny, warm days. Nature is at her full height and all her glory with blooming flowers and ripened fruits. Energetically, it is the season associated with the teenage and young adulthood phases of life. In this module, we will focus on topics such as reproductive health, skin and hair care, herbal first aid, anxiety and nervous system conditions, blood sugar management, seaweeds for health, and herbs for pets.

Cost: $900.00 for the fall module, $3000 for the all 4 modules

Class will be held at Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center, 315 Cortsen Rd., Pleasant Hill, CA

Item Name:
Turning Wheel - Fall
900 USD
Item Name:
Turning Wheel - All 4 Modules
3000 USD

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