Packing List for Mt. Lassen

Packing List for Mt. Lassen

Here’s a list I compiled for the group. If there is something missing, please do share. The site will be rustic, with a fancy shovel for digging our own toilets (prettiest bathroom you will ever use) and a stream for cooking water. We will bring 4 gallon carboys to fillup in town to have in camp for drinking water.  We will be driving near stores each day if you need to pickup more ice for coolers. The weather will probably include a wide range of temperatures, so we’ll need to prepare ourselves accordingly- don’t be shy on the bedding and outerwear for the evenings. Layers will be important for daytime.  Also mosquitoes are usually annoying right at dusk so come prepared with spray, or better yet, long light layers of clothing.

___ maps and directions
___ Tent, ground tarp/cloth
___ sleeping bag
___ extra blankets (think survival, plus comfort- it will likely be very, very cold at night)
___ pillow
___ sleeping pad/air mattress…

___ clothing for temperature extremes (for 4 days and 3 nights), bring layers
___ extra socks
___ hiking shoes/boots
___ swimsuit (unsure about clothing optional or not) & towel

___ alarm clock
___ bags for personal garbage, recycling, etc
___ pocket knife
___ camp chair
___ flashlight & extra batteries/ headlamp
___ bug repellant
___ personal toiletries
___ personal medications, supplements, and herbs
___ toilet paper (just in case) 
___ *ingredients for the meal you’re cooking. Don’t forget necessary oil/butter, spices, condiments, etc (may want to divvy up these responsibilities with your class so we don’t bring much more than is needed)
___tea for morning and night, coffee if you drink it

___ smaller bag/backpack for day hiking
___ water bottle
___ paper bags for harvesting herbs
___ pruners, small shovel, etc
___ sunscreen & chapstick
___ sunglasses
___ sunhat
___ notepad & pens

Some other things you may wish to bring
___ lighter
___ rope/twine
___ lantern
___ water
___ camera
___ candles
___ flares, extra oil/water, etc for your car’s personal needs
___ musical instruments
___ shade tarps
___ tables
___ rain gear
___ snacks, campfire snacks, chocolate, etc

___plant id books
___camp chairs

Wildcrafting supplies:
___pruners, felcos, small trowel, small shovel
___paper bags for collecting
___offerings to the plants in gratitude…something that has meaning to you- music, water, cornmeal, small stones or shells, chocolate, tobacco etc
___jars of different sizes. about a dozen.
___alcohol, oil, vinegar, honey…
___measuring cup, scale
___knife and cutting board
___labels, pens

Flower essences
___glass bowls
___wooden chopsticks
___1/2 oz or 1 oz bottles to take home

expect temps to range from the 80′s to the 30′s. always potential for rain in the sierras.

I hope this helps!

Some herbs we might encounter:
Blue Vervain, st johns wort, Mullen, Goldenrod, Yerba Santa, Oxeye Daisy, yarrow, elder, willow, manzanita, pipssissua, lemonaid berries, juniper, cedar, pine pitch,  and the list goes on…

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