Therapeutics Syllabus

Therapeutics Syllabus

Therapeutic Schedule for 2012-13

Teachers:  Pam Fischer, Kara Sigler, Tony Siefert, Sarah Bearden, Tanya Stiller


Class # 1                      Pam

September 20              Course overview


                                    System and Action, constitutional review

                                                Michael Moore’s constitutional indications book


For next class-

1.      Buy the required books

2.      Read chapter on the Digestive system

3.      H.O.W- Holy Basil start at 2 drops, 2x a day first day increase dose each day by 5 drops.  Note reaction of plant on your monograph form.



Class #2                       Pam

September 27              Check in- Holy Basil

            Organization of the gut, functionality, hormonal regulation

                                    Handouts-Tongue diagnosis


                                    For next class            

1.      Review Michael Moore’s Constitutional indications.  Come up with a constitutional remedy for someone in class, based on last class assessment of your constitution.  Copy the forms and use the plant energetic chart to come up with a formula.   Please turn in these forms at next class and be prepared to discuss your case.

2.      H.O.W.- Reishi.  Take 2 drops 2 x a day, increase dose by 5 drops each day.  Record results on your Herb Monograph.

3.      Read tongue diagnosis handouts.  Make a map of your tongue.  Check your tongue for changes after meals.  Notice any differences?

4.      Upper GI cases 1


Class #3                      Pam

October 4                    Check- in, Reishi

                                    Present your client formulas and rational.

                                    Solve Upper GI case # I

                                    Tongue Diagnosis

                                    Make up formula’s for your student client.

                                    Upper  GI case #2




Class #4                       Sunday:  Advance Herbal medicine making with Tony.

October 7                    10am- 5pm


Class #5                       Kara

October 11                  Discussion of case #1 and #2

                                    Lower GI problems

                                    Role of pancreas, liver, gall bladder, and absorption.

                                    Problems in the lower GI

                                    IBS, Constipation, Parasites

                                    Lower GI  Case # 3 and #4


For next class

1.      Come up with a herbal treatment plan for Case #3 and Case #4, using both constitutional indications and acute problems solutions.  We will discuss these on Nov. 8.

2.      H.O.W.- Licorice


Class #6                       Sarah Bearden- Nutrition

October 18                  Liver Detoxification, phase I and II


Class #7                       Sarah Bearden- Nutrition

October 25                  Blood sugar stabilization

                                    Type II diabetes


Class #8                      Kara

November 1                Discuss Digestive Lower GI cases #3 & #4

                                    Endocrine system and Nervous system Adrenal stress and Adrenal-                                                cortical stress

                                    Nervous system cases I and II

                                    Trip Planning


                                    For next class

                                    1.      Solve cases- come up with an evaluation as to what is                                                  happening.  Due on November 15.

-What is a possible formula based on constitutional indication that you might recommend?

-What dietary modification might you make?

-Any other life style modifications you would recommend?

-Flower essences?

2.      HOW- Astragulus

3.      Write a paragraph or two about how you understand the GI tract to work




Class # 9                      Weekend away…pulse and tongue diagnosis

November 3-5



Class #10                    Kara

November 15              Solve Nervous system cases I and II

                                    Medicine making


For next class

Read immunity- innate and acquired

HOW- Eleuthro

November 21             Off = Thanksgiving

Class #14                     Pam

November 29           Immune system

Class #15                    Autumn

December 2              Mushroom identification 10-5pm


Class # 16                   Kara

December  6                Respiratory system

                                    Respiratory cases I and II


Class #17                   Kara

December 13              Respsiratory cases I and II

Therapeutic 2013 January through June Syllabus


Class # 18

Jan       4          Auto-immunity- thyroid Pam

HOW- Maca

Read  Ohlone Herbal Center Webiste, under research Thyroid gland

Solve Hyper and Hypo thyroid cases


Class #19

Jan       6*        Sunday, Mushroom class

Class # 20

Jan       11       Thyroid- Pam

Present cases

HOW Centella

Class #21

Jan       18        Cardiovascular- Pam

Read handouts

Cases: hypertension, varicosities

HOW Lily of the valley

Class #22

Jan       24        CVS continued- Pam

Discuss cases solutions

Class #23

Jan       31        Cholesterol- Sarah

Class #24

Feb      3*        Botany with Tanya

Class #25

Feb      7          Skin- Krista (Pam there)

Class #26

Feb      14        Skin- Krista (Kara there)

Class #27

Feb      21        Urinary-Magdalena

Class #28

Feb      28        Urinary- Madalena

Class #29

March 3*        Botany

Class #30

March 7           Skel/Muscle- Pam

Class # 31

March 13-17*  Desert trip (Jim, Riyana, and Krista)

Class #32

March 21         Skel/muscle- Pam

Class #33

March 28         Medicine making- Tony

Class #34

April    4          Women Repro- Kara

Class # 35

April    7*        Botany

Class #36

April    11        Women repro- Kara

Class #37

April    18        Open- Pam

Class # 38

April    25        Menopause- Kara

Class #39

May     2          Medicine making- Tony

Class #40

May     5*        Botany

Class #41

May     9          Male Repro- Pam

Class #41

May     16        Transgender- Kara

Class #42

May     27        Menopause- Pam

Class #43

May     30        Cancer- Marja

Class #44

June     2*        Botany- Tanya

Class #45

June     6          Cancer- Marja

Class #46

June 13            Testing- Pam, come up with a list of 20 herbs that you can treat everything with.

Class #47

June 20            Pathology reports

Class #48

June 27            Last indoors class, Pathology reports, Pot luck, Graduation

Class #49

July 11-14       Class trip to Mt.Lassen