Mt. Lassen Directions

A Message from Kara

The site will have primitive toilets (ie the woods) and a stream for cooking water. We will bring 4 gallon carboys to fill up in town to have in camp for drinking water. There is also a campground nearby if you want to drive over and use the pit toilets.  We will be driving near stores each day if you need to pickup more ice for coolers. The weather will probably include a wide range of temperatures, so we’ll need to prepare ourselves accordingly- don’t be shy on the bedding and outerwear for the evenings. Layers will be important for daytime.  Also mosquitoes are usually annoying right at dusk so come prepared with spray, or better yet, long light layers of clothing.

Hat Creek Campground
We are camping on Hat Creek passed Big Pine Campground, Near Old Station.  Sites are first come first served so look for the Red Van! See you up there.  Plan on about a 5 hr drive.


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