Katherine Novotny

Katherine Novotny

photo 4 bioA self-portrait of Katie Novotny would look like a colorful octopus lady (probably with fairy wings) adorned in an experimental vintage wardrobe with each arm holding plants, tincture bottles, ceramic sculptures, crystals, records, a deck of cards, a novel, and a smudge stick. She comes from a long line of green-thumbed, strong female influences and has admired grandmothers for as long as she can remember.

Katie Novotny is a Clinical Western Herbalist with a certification in counseling, and has been seeing clients since 2011.  In consultations, she works with each individual’s unique case, and formulates herbal, nutritional, and emotional treatment to help her clients heal from their dis-ease. After each consultation, Katie takes the time to track each of her client’s progress and keeps a detailed record of the content in each session. Seeing clients is one of her passions, and is confidant working with all kinds of health concerns: emotional/physical/spiritual. She is currently teaching the “Foundations” class for the OHC in San Francisco.

When she’s not at the Ohlone Herbal Center, you could find her thrifting at yard sales, camping in her old Nissan truck, or in her backyard gardening, pruning fruit trees, or wrangling chickens.

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