Krista Herbe

Krista Herbe

KRH YOSEMITY 2013Krista R. Herbe is a Certified Clinical Western Herbalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She teaches classes, leads herb walks, group workshops, and student intensives, in urban and wild places, and works with individual clients in private practice.  Since moving to the Bay Area in 2005, Krista has participated in a supportive community of healers, learning and practicing with many tools to heal herself and support the healing work of others. Krista works to support the individual and community awakening of our ancestral knowledge thru the practice of connecting to the plants, animals, rivers, and mountains around us for healing.

Growing up in the Ohio River Valley, partnered with an innate empathy and curiosity of the wonders of this world, instilled a love of plants, animals, astronomy, music, and dance. Her first ‘career’ was in community service working for nonprofits doing outreach, fundraising, and organizing with a focus on campaigns to support workers rights, create affordable housing, promote environmental justice, clean water, end sexual violence, and gain legal protection for LGBTQI folks.

When not teaching, seeing clients, wildcrafting herbs, or making medicine you can find Krista cooking, gardening, collaging, cuddling her feline familiars, enjoying the flora and fauna of California, hiking the hills, swimming the rivers, smelling the wildflowers and listening for the caws of the wild.


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