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FAQ – Nutritional Counseling Course & Certification

Have questions about our upcoming Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course or the Certification?  We’ve got answers!


Q: Who is the Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course designed for?

A: This is not a basic nutrition course – it takes what you’ve already learned in your practitioner certification program to the next level, and assumes that you are coming with some foundational knowledge already.  These classes go beyond basic nutrition and are specifically aimed at training holistic practitioners to counsel their clients with respect to their nutrition, dietary and supplement intake.  No matter what kind of practice you’re currently working in, when a client is following a food plan that is right for them, all other treatments seem to work better.  Herbs work more effectively.  Acupuncture treatments last longer.  Chiropractic adjustments ‘take” better and the resolution of symptoms often occurs more quickly.  Being able to give good nutritional advice to clients is an invaluable skill and will boost your practice – no matter where you’re starting from.


Q: How does the Intermediate Nutritional Counseling course differ from what I would get at a weekend nutrition seminar given by a company or organization?

A: Most of these kinds of seminars give a lot of factual information geared towards using simple “one size fits all” protocols for various health conditions.  These protocols typically involve the use of supplementation and offer very limited (if any) dietary advice. The problem in using these protocols arises when a client presents with more than one health issue (most do) and the client ends up with numerous bottles of supplements that they never finish and very little advice about what foods they can eat. This course is taught by a Nutritionist who has been in practice for over two decades, and who sees food as the primary healer with supplementation as a helpful adjunct, not an “instead-of”.


Q: What kind of handouts will I receive in the class?

A: There will be a Reader for each class which will consist of informational articles as well as handouts and recipes and food remedies you can use with your clients.  We’re happy to provide plenty of “done for you” information that you can use right away, from diet recommendations to recipes and charts and handouts.


Q: Will there be homework?

A: For those seeking certification, there will be required homework in each class. The goal of homework assignments is to help you deepen your knowledge of nutritional issues but also to provide you with additional resources that you can use in your practice. One example of a homework assignment will be to create your own “Food Pages” which will become a part of your permanent nutritional resource collection. Food Pages are similar in design to the “Materia Medica” created by herbalists for their herbal practices.


Q: How will this course be different from nutrition classes I took as a part of my original course of study?

A: Most nutrition courses, that are a part of a whole curriculum of study, focus on basic nutritional information and therefore don’t cover the nuances involved in giving nutritional advice to clients. This course focuses more on the “how-tos” of analyzing the information we receive from our clients and then giving them nutritional advice based on our analysis.


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