Jenny Marx

Jenny Marx


My love of “all things outdoors” began at an early age, growing up in the rolling hills and forests of upstate New York. Thanks to my parents, most of my life was spent running through the grass, climbing in the trees, gardening alongside my mother, playing in the snow with my brother, and camping with my father and family. This love of nature eventually led me to Colorado to pursue a degree in Biology, the study of all living things. There, I learned a deep respect for life, community and education, while furthering my love for the outdoors by spending my free time skiing and hiking. This is also where I fell in love with food and the kitchen, as well as the classroom, both the ones inside and outside. I became fascinated with herbs and began growing them and studying their medicinal properties, which led me to pursue an Esthetician degree in California. Here, I used my herbal knowledge to help heal others from the outside, but soon realized I wanted to help heal from the inside out. My desire to link all my loves together, combining nature, science, education, food, human interaction and community, is what led me to study Western Herbalism at the Ohlone Center. Here, I have found faith, in the medicinal and magical healing properties of these plants that have been by my side all along the way. I believe the ability to heal ourselves is greater than we are taught, and by using food, communication, compassion, science, education and our herbal allies all as medicine, we can help heal each other.

In Health and Happiness…

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