Sarah Jane Fairless

Sarah Jane Fairless

IMG_0097Sarah Jane Fairless grew up with wide open skies, farms, racehorses, pickup trucks, pow-wows, and grass fed beef in the red dirt state of Oklahoma. Her love of plants began while laying in that tall grass, hunting for the largest watermelon in the field, plucking okra from their hairy stalks, and shucking corn on the back of a wagon with her grandpa as the sun went down. The search for what lay beyond that horizon brought her to San Francisco at an early age providing a well-rounded insight into the diverse people and the various belief systems of our nation.  This love of the eclectic spawned a desire to learn about various religions, bioregions, diets, and lifestyles through travel, cooking, friendships, study and books.  Her experimentations have led her to chef in raw foods restaurants, corral goats and sheep, backpack through strange countries and mountains, hang out in Hare Krishna temples, practice yoga, try new diets and cooking methods, teach environmental education, sing in rock bands, and to act locally and think globally.

Sarah Jane has learned that food is the universal thing that has always brought people together.  She has a passion for creating cuisine that not only tastes good but promotes a healthy body as well.  Working with whole foods based nutrition has offered a greater connection to how we interact with our food systems.  It fosters a deeper respect and understanding for that which nurtures us.

This passion for holistic healing through nutrition has led Sarah Jane down the road of herbalism to find the roots of this knowledge that lay buried in our modern society, and is an essential component to our connection with the natural world.  Our great grandmothers knew why they chose their herbs and spices while preparing meals!  Her greatest hope is to reconnect people with their ancestry, food, the environment, and a sense of interconnectedness by teaching how nature profoundly supports us through the use of plants as food and medicine.

You can currently find Sarah Jane in a garden somewhere, in a kitchen chopping garlic, singing in the shower, next to some trees under a big full moon, or at The Ohlone Herbal Center where she is deepening her love and knowledge of nature, people, and the healing power of plants.

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