Sarah Jane Fairless

Sarah Jane Fairless


Growing up on the dusty farms of Oklahoma, my love of plants started early on in life. I have been working with various healing modalities for over a decade including: herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, and a variety of natural whole foods based diets such as paleo, vegetarian/vegan, raw and sprouted foods, fermentations, and macrobiotics. I have received extensive training as an herbalist (over 1,000 hours) and I am a certified clinical western herbalist through the Ohlone Center of Herbal Studies.

I believe that everybody is different and has their own unique operating system. What might work for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. Diversity is the key for thriving communities and ecosystems. I enjoy learning what each element offers to create the bigger picture.

The plant world offers us incredible opportunities to heal ourselves without the use of pharmaceuticals, or as an additional aid to those already on medications for lifelong illnesses. Conventional medicine does not always offer optimal treatment choices for chronic illnesses- at best it simply minimizes symptoms while creating numerous side effects. Through diet, body movement, and herbal supplementation I believe these chronic illnesses can be managed by bringing the body back into balance and perhaps even eliminating the causes of disease in the first place. The side effects are usually feeling better and having more vitality!

I am committed to learning and teaching viable, sustainable methods in this ever increasingly busy society to bring health and vitality back into our communities, families, and gardens. I am passionate about providing low cost care to those in need.

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